Value Counter and Sorter

Ctcoin Dolphin 590L Handle USD/EURO/LB, Counterfeit Detection: UV/IR/MT/MG/3D/DD, speed: up to 1500 n/m, Capacity: Hopper 200notes, Stacker: 200notes, Document size: min 50x110 mm - max. 95x185 cm, Note thickness: 0,07-0,2 mm, Large LCD display, PC Connection, (Opt. : RS232 Interface).Click here
Ctcoin Eagle 1000LHandle USD/EURO/LBP, Counterfeit Detection: UV/IR/MT/MG/FL/3D, speed: up to 1000 n/m, Capacity: Hopper 500notes, Stacker: 250notes, rejected: 100notes, Document size: min 50x100 mm - max. 100x190 cm, Note thickness: 0,06-0,12 mm, 2 Keyboards w Large Graphic LCD display, RS232 Interface, S/N printing for USD & EuroClick here
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