Interactive White Board

Developed specically for Sharp touchscreen LCD monitors, Sharp PenSoftware allows anyone to smoothly and easily operate the IWB. Once documents or images created on any application software have been captured as JPEG images and displayed on the touchscreen, users can quickly write and draw directly on the screen surface using the touch pen or a finger. Screen images can be enlarged or rotated, and handwritten notations such as text and drawings can be selected and moved around. What’s more, everything on the screen can be saved or exported for printout, making it easy to keep accurate records of brainstorming sessions and meetings.

PN-L702B-70" (176,6 cm) diagonal screen size -1.920 * 1.080 resolution in dots -Integrated Touch Screen -Contrast 3.000:1 -Full LED backlight -Easy to use pen software -Streamlined communications via MFP connection -Modul Slot SystemClick here
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