Scanners A4

Scanners designed with the image quality, paper handling and reliability required by the most demanding business users and offer great value. Scan documents and rigid cards with ease!

Plustek Smartoffice PL3000ADF/A4/30ppm/1200dpi/USBClick here
Plustek Smartoffice PL1200ADF/A4/12ppm/1200dpi/USBClick here
Plustek Smartoffice PL7000ADF/A4/70ppm/1200dpi/48 bit color depth/ Scan to Searchable PDF/USB2.0Click here
Plustek OpticSlim M12A4, Sheetfed,CIS,5ppm, 600dpi, USB1.1, 16bits Gray Scale, 48bits Color, No ADFClick here
Plustek OpticPro ST28A4, flatbed, CCD, 1200dpi, USB2.0, 48bitsC,16bits Gs,No ADF, Negative films or +Click here
Plustek Optic Pro ST48A4, Flatbed,CCD, 2400dpi, USB2.0, 48bits C, 16bits Gs,No ADF ,Negative films or + Click here
Plustek Optic Pro ST64A4, Colour CCD Flatbed Scanner, 3200 dpi, USB2.0, 48bits C, Grayscale: 16bits input,8/16bits output, No ADF, Negative films or + Click here
Plustek Opticard 821A6,USB2.0/Hot Card BCR, 600dpiClick here
Plustek OpticFilm 7200A4 , USB 2.0 ,a 7200 dpi film scanner capable of scanning 35 mm slides and negatives , High optical resolutionClick here
Plustek OpticBook 3600A4, CCD, Flatbed, 1200dpi, USB 2.0,16bits Gs,48bits C, Book scanning S/WClick here
Plustek PS286ADF/A4/25ppm/46ipm/duplex/OCR/BCR and credit card scan available.Click here
Plustek PL2546ADF/A4/25ppm/46ipmduplex/1200dpi/OCR/BCR.Click here

Avision AV600UA4, 600dpi , 12ppm, Built in ADF(25p), Software resolution 9600dpi, 24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale,USB 1.1Click here
Avision AV610C2A4, 600dpi , 20ppm , ADF, 24 bit color, 8 bitgray scale, usb2.Click here
Avision AV830C PlusA4, 300dpi, 30ppm Built in ADF(50p) , SCSI 2, 24bitColor, 12bit grayscale.Click here
Avision AV3200CA4, 300dpi , SCSI 2,20 ppm , Duplex Scan, built in ADF(50p), 24 bit color,8 bit grayscale.Click here
Avision AV3850SUA4, 600dpi , SCSI-II, USB, 50ppm (Simplex) , 100ppm (Duplex), built in ADF(50p), 24 bits color, 8 bits GS.Click here
Avision AV3750SUA4, 600dpi , SCSI-II, USB, 50ppm, built in ADF(50p), 24 bits color, 8 bits GS.Click here
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